How to design a good-looking website


Deciding to create a website for yourself or your business is a big decision, but all websites are a culmination of many small decisions. And the best-designed websites are made by those who take the time to craft a visual experience that feels on-brand and aligned with users’ expectations . Here are some of the points which you keep in mind while designing a website .

Keep your design balanced
Balance is all about ensuring that your design does not tip to one side or the other. It is like the balance of weight in achieving symmetry or asymmetry.

Compartmentalize your design by using grids
The concept of grids is closely related to that of balance. Grids are a series of horizontal and vertical rulers that help you “compartmentalize” a design. Columns improve readability, making a page’s content easier to absorb. Spacing and the use of the Rule of Thirds make everything easier on the eye.

Pick two or three base colors at most for your design
A lot of theories on colors and their combinations exist, including conventions on monochrome and contrasting schemes, but a lot comes down to common sense and having a feel for it.
Find out for yourself what works together. Soak up as many website designs as possible, such as those featured on any of the many CSS showcase websites to get a feel for how colors interact with each other.
Try to make the graphics go well together
Great design doesn’t need fancy graphics. But poor graphics will definitely hurt a design. Graphics add to the visual message. We are not all gifted with the same natural ability, though. You can pick up some things by learning from others, but sometimes you just have to pick the style that suits you best
Improve your website’s typography
The art of type is a tricky subject to talk about because it encompasses so many elements. While it can be regarded as a branch of design, one can spend a lifetime mastering all of its aspects.

This is the reason why Web design is so difficult. Getting your feet wet in design is easy, especially today, with so many content management systems, blogging tools and themes readily available. But truly mastering all of the facets of Web design takes time and, let’s be honest, talent. Having the ability to craft pretty designs is just one facet, but an important one.