Apps you use in your day-to-day functions


Some apps can help you solve a problem, achieve a goal, or execute a plan . Whether it’s reaching your workout goals, priortizing task , staying up-to-date on the latest news, or being more creative, the right app lets you take control. You can get these as a web app or as a mobile app for iPhone and Android.

  1. ClickUp
    ClickUp helps teams and individuals create a work plan and get everything in order—making it one of the best free daily planner apps on the market. Whether you’re a task manager, a student juggling assignments, or a parent composing your grocery list, ClickUp offers something for everyone.
  2. Microsoft Outlook
    Emails aside, Microsoft Outlook, has become a great scheduling and events tool over the years. You can easily access your Microsoft Office files, add smart filters, transform your inbox to a priority inbox and more. If you integrate Microsoft Outlook with Friday, you can easily connect the app with your otheps to give you a much clearer picture of your day.
  3. Google Calendar
    Google Calendar is perfect to have a daily, weekly, and monthly overview in terms of meetings, work, anddetermine your daily agenda and schedule your tasks. You can use Google Calendar to share your and your team’s working hours, access your calendar offline, generate video conferencing links, and so much more .
  4. Clockify
    Clockify is a productive and time management app with a broad range of features that help you plan out your day in a couple of clicks. From scheduling your projects and tasks to connecting to your Google and Outlook calendars, it’s simple-to-use interface lets you manage your time and plot your perfect daily schedule without the initial time-consuming setting up process.
  5. Trello
    A to-do list is just one of many features that Trello offers. At its core, it’s a project management tool that helps teams collaborate seamlessly. It uses a kanban board approach for individual tasks where you assign dashboards that contain individual cards underneath each with the task details.
  6. TickTick
    TickTick helps manage your day-to-day life, whether for work or for personal productivity. Write out tasks and put out deadlines. It helps you with reminders to get the work done. Easily share your tasks with others, so you can collaborate on the things that matter.